The future of early stage investment

Discover a new era of legal innovation with AIR+: Simplify, control, and innovate your startup's fundraising journey.

A Seamless Fundraising Experience

The alternative fundraising solution for founders to traverse the equity gap. Our community-based fundraising platform offers founders a personalized journey to engage their network.



Market your idea and build your community of early stakeholders.



Provide your fundraising goals to easily setup legal requirements.



Manage investors, subscriptions and payments on a single pane of glass.

Thinking about raising capital ?

Talk to us on how engage your network and raise funds via Stand with Founders.

Benefits for Founders

Flexible Rounds

With one legal setup, create multiple fundraising rounds allowing founders to raise when they need it most without additional legal costs.

Attractive Cap Table

Our legal framework built by a consortium of top-tier lawyers enables founders to retain governance ensuring a fundable cap table for future investors.

Secure & Trusted

Powered by blockchain technology, our platform ensures traceable transactions and ownership authenticity.

Success Stories

Discover the real impact of Stand With Founders through our testimony.

Frequently Asked Questions

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